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What is VIMA?

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iCARRe's Veterans' Initiative for a Mission Accomplished (VIMA) Program provides a comprehensive approach to supporting Veterans and their families. As servants to our community we realize that all support to the human being must be holistic. 

VIMA’s comprehensive services include:

  • Emergency assistance referrals.

  • Counseling referrals for (anxiety, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement, and pain management through guided imagery).

  • Bus transportation to medical care, rehabilitation, and counseling.

  • Legal, housing, and employment assistance;

  • medical care information, and VA benefits and claims assistance

  • Education programs for service members, veterans, and their family members.

  • Training, respite care, and access to resources and social networking for primary caregivers.

Veterans' Initiative for a Mission Accomplished 

The primary objectives focus on helping all who served and are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces with the following:  

         1.      Assistance to eligible veterans with obtaining due benefits, counseling, single parenting, and       

                  emergency assistance and referrals. (Getting through the red tape).

         2.      Empowerment of service members and disabled veterans by giving monetary support for housing                                                    and food, information on mental health, education, housing, medical care, and job training and career            


          3.    Service as an advocate for veterans’ rights; support for the timely processing of VA disability claims                                                   and appeals for all veterans through Government Agency engagement, and partnerships                                                                       community organizations, faith-based organizations with other veterans groups. 

           4.    Support with classes, training and therapy for the socio-emotional and financial well-being of                                                              primary caregivers of severely wounded service members and veterans.

Let’s Work Together

2601 Pennsylvania Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21217

PH: 410-450-4644 x4002

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