Christmas with Van Bokklen
Elementary School

December 20, 2019

ICARRe collaborated with Van Bokklen Elementary School to provide the school's students as well as other community youth with Christmas gifts sponsored by parents, volunteers, and other community oriented organizations.

Disney on Ice - Treasure Cover

February 6, 2020

Baltimore youth were escorted on a trip to a Disney On Ice Performance where the got to dress up as their favorite characters, eat snacks, and enjoy the show.

3rd Annual Orioles Game

July 2019

Every year since 2016 iCARRe take a group of children to an Orioles game to bond, have fun, and enjoy the love for baseball.

Crab Feast Fundraiser

July 15th 2018

ICARRe hosted a Crab Feast Fundraiser held at the Children's Guild.

Summer Program

June 2020 - July 2020

Halloween Haunted House

October. 31, 2020

ICARRe along with different Kinda smart and Brocode held a haunted house event that was created by DKS students for the public. The decorations, Halloween characters, and host were done by the children with assistance of community volunteers. There were both children and adults who enjoyed and were freaked out by this community/ youth facilitated Halloween event.

Donation From Kahan
Secret Santa Christmas Day

December 22, 2020

iCARRe paartnered with BroCode, For My Kidz and Different Kinda Smart to create a Christmas event where gifts were sponsored by community citizens leaders, and the participating organization. These gifts were purchased given based on the Christmas list sent in by children up to the age of 18 in the 21217 area code.

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