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James Fleming is a valued team member of the iCARRe Foundation, contributing his diverse expertise and extensive experience to the organization. With a strong educational background, James attended Coppin State University and UMUC, focusing on Communications as his major.

James holds several certifications, showcasing his proficiency in various technical fields. He is a Certified Information Technology LAN Networking Engineer, Home Automation Hardware & Software Engineer, Audio Visual and Event Technology Engineer, and a Commercial & Residential Security Systems Technician III. His technical prowess enables him to navigate complex systems and provide valuable insights and solutions in his role at iCARRe Foundation.
Beyond his technical accomplishments, James is also a respected spiritual leader. He serves as the Sr. Spiritual Leader and Co-Founder of The Essene Global Institute & Ministries, demonstrating his dedication to guiding and inspiring others through spiritual teachings.

James is also involved in community initiatives as the Co-Owner of the Veterans Initiatives for a Mission Accomplished (V.I.M.A) Program Visionaries in Partnership (V.I.P), LLC. This program highlights his commitment to supporting and empowering veterans, making a positive impact on their lives.

As a retired Army Veteran, James brings a wealth of experience and a strong sense of discipline to his work with iCARRe Foundation. His dedication to serving others and his multifaceted skills make him an invaluable asset to the team, helping advance the foundation's mission of mental and behavioral health recovery and rehabilitation.

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