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Tammy Carr is a dedicated professional with a passion for helping others and making a positive impact in the field of human services. She obtained her AA degree in Human Services in 2021, laying a strong foundation for her career. Building upon her educational background, Tammy further specialized in addiction counseling and became a Licensed Addiction Counselor with a CSC-AD certification.

Tammy's commitment to improving the lives of individuals struggling with addiction led her to become an active member of iCARRe, where she has served as the Vice Chair since 2014. Through her leadership role, she has contributed significantly to iCARRe's goal of advancing the understanding and treatment of addiction on a global scale.
In addition to her work in addiction counseling, Tammy has also made substantial contributions as a mental health counselor. Starting in 2018, she has dedicated her expertise and empathy to support individuals with mental health concerns, helping them navigate their challenges and find effective coping strategies.

With her diverse background and multifaceted experience, Tammy Carr continues to positively impact the lives of those she serves, demonstrating unwavering dedication and compassion in her roles as an addiction counselor, mental health counselor, and influential member of iCARRe.

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