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Rodney Carr is an impactful leader as the Executive Director of the iCARRe Foundation and Co-owner of
Minuteman Press (Columbia MD). A graduate of Baltimore City College High School in 1990, Rodney's
career began with honorable service in the Gulf War as a member of the United States Army. With over
24 years in the telecommunications industry and a decade of coaching experience, he brings a wealth of
expertise to his roles.

In 2014, Rodney founded the iCARRe Foundation, initially focusing on mentoring in the Baltimore Metro
Area. Recognizing the need for additional support, he expanded the foundation's services, launching
"Collaborative Healing" in 2017 to provide behavioral health and transitional housing solutions for
families. In 2019, he introduced the "B.U.I.L.D Project" to offer construction training for young adults
aged 17-28.

Beyond his work with iCARRe Foundation, Rodney actively serves on the boards of the Mathew Henson
Neighborhood Association and the Community Development Corporation. He is also a proud leader in
the Black Professional Men Community Initiatives, advocating for progress and empowerment.
Rodney's commitment to making a difference extends to his role as an ordained Deacon at New
Kingdom Faith Christian Church, where he leads the F.L.O.K. Youth Ministry. His dedication has even
reached international borders, as he registered iCARRe as an International NGO in Tanzania in 2021 and
expanded to Kenya in 2023.

As the Executive Director of the iCARRe Foundation, Rodney Carr's visionary leadership and dedication
to community service continue to drive positive change, both locally and globally.

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